Thursday, December 18, 2008

i'm here, minyan's there :(

"In my own local synagogue, the traditionalists, none of whom come to weekday morning minyan anymore (due to age and/or illness), are perfectly content to let women serve as gabbai, lein Torah, and even lead services at the weekday morning minyanim, but heaven help us if we ask for the same privileges on a Shabbat (Sabbath) or Yom Tov (Festival), when they're there to see it." (from here)

i've been the baalat tefillah/prayer leader (with Board's authorization this time) 4 Mon. & Thurs. AM minyan since sept. feels weird not being there, but shul has great substitute--my hubby. hope 2 b back on my feet (hands?) by feb., when he starts teaching 9 AM class


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